Operational Readiness Testing

Christian Brødsjø & Bjørn Christian Schirmer

Promis Qualify & Norwegian Veterinary Institute

What happens when 700 scientists, technicians, and maintenance staff; along with 500 students and a bunch of horses, cattle, crayfish, fish and mice decide to wrap up thousands of infectious biological samples, and move into a brand new €700 million state-of-the-art facility? In 2020, the Norwegian Veterinary Institute and the Norwegian School of Veterinary Science will relocate from their existing campus in Oslo to new facilities in Ås, 30km outside of the capital. How does a public-sector institution – the Norwegian authorities’ main advisor in topics related to prevention, handling and elimination of zoonosis and serious infectious diseases in fish…....

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About Me!

Christian Brødsjø – Senior Test Manager, Promis Qualify, Norway

Dedicated test manager with more than a decade of hands-on experience from large, highly complex and safety-critical software development projects in a wide range of domains. Fascinated by the exciting interface between technology and business, and always striving for continuous improvement and promoting the value of professional testing. Proud father of three boys and one little princess. Passionate reader and avid collector of antique history books.


Bjørn Christian Schirmer – Norwegian Veterinary Institute, Norway

Slightly nerdy microbiologist with experience from both laboratory and field work, specializing in food safety and quality. New to the testing game, but highly motivated by ensuring a smooth transition to new high-tech and high-safety laboratories. Engaged father of two boys. Enjoys football both on the pitch and from the couch.

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