Native Quality Management: Build Better Software – Together

Tonislava Docheva


This eBook delves into the concept of a “quality centric culture” where quality is everyone’s responsibility, urging a shift from viewing QA as a separate phase to integrating it throughout the development process. It highlights the transformational approach of turning testers into Quality Advocates and fostering a team-wide commitment to excellence. You will discover effective tools, processes, and methodologies that can be adopted to bridge the gap between dev and QA, ensuring that your team operates cohesively and your products meet the highest standards of quality consistently. By embracing a Native Quality culture, leaders can ensure that their software not…....

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About Me!

Tonislava Docheva is a Product Marketing Manager at Xray. She is at the intersection of product and marketing and focuses on advocating for customer needs and championing their success. She thrives on connecting and interacting with the testing community and creating conversations around the future of software testing and quality.

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