[Download] Leaving Breadcrumbs; An Agile Journey Towards Requirement Storytelling

Storytelling is a well-known term in testing as well as in other areas. This e-book tells the story of how we increased our quality of delivery when we used the unknown to our advantage, stopped asking our customer for requirements they could not give us and instead started telling their story.

Our story begins with the basis for our problem – an unknown requirement base and an inexperienced customer – and goes on to tell about how we tried new paths in our quest for great quality, leaving breadcrumbs to find our way, and how one of those paths were requirement storytelling. You will learn about how this journey ended up affecting our team involvement, our competence, our quality of delivery, our methods and our tools. It also highlights some of our ways of thinking to reach this happy ending and give the reader some key takeaways for better quality of delivery, based on our experience.

In short; Not knowing everything is not necessarily a weakness, nor is it necessarily a strength. Therefore, you must find your way to deal with things the way they are. You must find and walk your own path. And make sure you get everyone involved!

Key Takeaways:

  • How to use storytelling to define and understand what is expected in a delivery and set expectations on all levels of the customer (and your own) organization
  • How to use retrospectives on a project level and run a separate project for improvements in order to make use of them in upcoming projects
  • How to encourage team members, business people and project managers to participate in the entire quality process and to tell you their ideas


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