Testing Slow Flows Fast: Automated End 2 End Testing Using Interrupts

Dominic Maes

Quintes BVBA

In an ‘online’ world, everything seems to be going faster and faster. Too often, we forget about ‘slower’ processes that need to be tested in our information services. Automated end-2-end testing on these flows, which use independent systems and timers, is not that difficult. Using a record and playback tool with a framework is all it takes. You’ll simply have to add an ‘action queue’ to your framework and you’re back on track for testing thousands of test cases.  ....

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About Me!

Dominic started his IT-career in 1997 as one of the first, specially trained, professional testers in Belgium. He has worked his way up through several dozens of projects in different domains and economic sectors. He grew from junior tester to test expert, specialized in test methodology and testing tools. He has gained experience in sectors such as retail, telecom, finance and government in Belgium as well as in the Netherlands. Dominic is also the co-founder of the Belgian Testers.

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