Why You Shouldn’t Automate…But You Will Anyway

Kevin Pyles

Domo, Inc

Automation has been touted as a way to speed up release delivery, improve quality, and reduce testing costs, but what if there is a different side of the story? Come hear an opposing view to automation—why it may actually cost your company time, resources and even quality. Yes, you may actually be losing due to the automation efforts of your team. What if I told you to just say no to automation? Kevin discusses why automation projects continue to fail, why automation checks should take a backseat to manual testing, and why the cost of automation is just too high.…....

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About Me!

Kevin Pyles is the Sr. QA Engineer for the Mobile Web team at a Unicorn SaaS company. He is also the proud father of 6 children and married to his best friend and soulmate. Kevin has been a QA Lead or QA Manager for over 10 years and has led teams responsible for QA across 40+ concurrent projects. Kevin’s previous teams provided web load testing for over 600,000 connections/sec and I18N and L10N testing for over 100 languages and countries. Kevin also owns his own company Turtlesox, LLC where he likes to tinker with mobile app development and consulting. Follow Kevin on twitter @pyleskevin

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