Love at First Site: The Importance of Visual Testing

Andy Wyatt

Sauce Labs

Functional testing is evolving – digital confidence is more important than ever and visual testing is a rapidly emerging technique that is enabling organisations to push the boundaries of traditional test automation. This presentation introduces visual testing, explains what visual defects are and will show some recent examples found on the web. It will then go on to explain some of the ways you can capture these defects within your testing processes utilising the new Sauce Visual solution and hypothetical impact on your existing test automation strategy. Key Takeaways Understand why Visual Testing is important Understand the positive impact it…....

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About Me!

Andy has been an IT Professional for over 30 years and has witnessed first hand many of the dramatic advances in technology that those 3 decades have seen. He has built, tested and deployed application code across mainframe, distributed, web and mobile platforms while working for and consulting to some of the largest commercial and governmental organisations in the world. While doing this he has travelled extensively and worked in over 30 countries globally ranging from his native England all the way to Australia.

He has been in the field of digital and cloud testing for the best part of the last decade, specialising initially in mobile but widening that focus to also include browser and IoT and embracing emerging technologies like Visual Testing. Andy joined Sauce Labs at the start of 2020 as a Senior Solutions Engineer and has rapidly established himself as a core part of the Sauce Labs family. Recently he was appointed as manager of the Solutions Engineering Team for Sauce Labs in the EMEA region.

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