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Keys to Continuous Testing for Faster Delivery

Reading Time: 1 minute

Your business needs to deliver faster. To accommodate, Development needs to introduce fewer changes but in a much more frequent cadence. This creates a challenge for test teams to keep up with the rapid pace of change without compromising on quality. Automation is paramount to the success or failure of Continuous Delivery, and Continuous Testing enables early and frequent quality feedback throughout the CI/CD pipeline.

In this webinar, Eran & Ayal will explore how to implement Continuous Testing to ensure high quality releases in a Continuous Delivery environment; including what to test and when to automate new functionality in order to optimize your efforts.

Key Takeaways:

    • How to ensure high quality releases in a Continuous Delivery environment
    • What to test
    • When to automate new functionality to optimize your efforts

Presentation Slides:

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Eran Bachar & Ayal Cohen

About Eran Bachar

Eran Bachar is the Senior Product Manager for Micro Focus responsible for the cloud functional testing solutions. With over 14 years of experience managing complex software development projects, Eran established the DevTest to ensure quality as part of development, using top-end QA and dev practices combined with DevOps techniques. Prior to this, Eran was the senior QA group manager for the ALM Automation product line (LoadRunner, UFT, BPT, Sprinter, and Service Virtualization). Twitter: @eranbcr

About Ayal Cohen

Ayal Cohen is the Chief Functional Architect for Application Delivery Management Research and Development organization business unit within Micro Focus. Responsible for driving the success and integration of product solutions across the ADM portfolio including ALM, ALM Octane, Predictive ADM, Mobile, Virtualization, Performance Testing and Functional Testing. Ayal has over 15 years expertise in designing, architecture of products, building vision and creating road-maps, working with hundreds of companies worldwide to provide counsel on DevOps, Continuous Integration & Testing, automation and more. Twitter: @ayalc76


One comment to Keys to Continuous Testing for Faster Delivery

  1. Alisha says:

    Hello buddy,

    Disaster Recovery is not Business Continuity. Various organizations do not have full business continuity plans.

    They say they do have business continuity programs but they really mean that they have a disaster recovery plan, normally indicating that they have alternative premises and possibly equipment that can be utilized in the case of a full-scale disaster.

    Business continuity covers far more than just the IT systems. Think of all the paper records an company requires to continue working. Think of the most significant asset of all to most businesses: its staff. Without its staff, these company ceases to exist.

    A business continuity program contains information for all staff and their activities in the case of difficulties affecting the company.

    A preliminary to the testing of any plan is to establish some form of Business Continuity Group consisting of representatives from each of the main business areas, together with those responsible for finance, facilities and IT.

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