Development and Testing for the New Style of IT

Michael Cooper & Toby Marsden


Today’s consumers have grown up with the expectation that their digital experience is mobile, always-on, and easily enhanced. Consequently, we face a new style of IT that forces everyone involved in building, validating, and delivering applications to find new solutions for decreasing time to market, reducing defects in production, shortening software development cycle times, and enabling constrained testing teams to increase test coverage. In this new IT environment, development and testing teams confront a range of challenges. These include compressed release cycles in fast-moving iterations and Agile sprints, as well as limited or no access to services and application components,…....

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About Me!

Michael Cooper is Head of Quality Engineering at Transamerica. He brings 16+ years of QA and testing leadership experience. Prior to joining Transamerica, he was Chief Quality Officer and VP of Enterprise QA and Testing for W3 companies, Healthcare IT Leaders and Run Consulting, and World Wide QA and Testing Evangelist with HP Software.

Toby Marsden is Head of Application Delivery Management and DevOps Business Development for HP Software EMEA, and leads to go to market for these solutions. Toby has an extensive background in management, sales and consultancy for delivering solutions from Project Governance and Planning, Business Process Re-Engineering, Business/Application/Data/Technical Architecture, Software Configuration Management and Development, Quality Assurance and Application Service Management over the last 20 years.

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