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Build a Safety Net for Your Architecture

Reading Time: 1 minute

To understand large legacy systems we need to look beyond code. We need to understand both how the system evolves and how the people building it collaborate. Once we embrace that we can start to truly improve. In this extract from Your code as a Crime Scene, Adam provides novel techniques that let you evaluate and supervise your automated checks on both unit and system level.

Key Takeaways:

  • Detect test automation gone wrong.
  • Understand the evolutionary nature of test data.
  • Learn about human problem solving.



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Adam Tornhill (Maat Technologies AB, Sweden)

Adam combines degrees in engineering and psychology to get a different perspective on the challenges of software. In his role as software consultant, he works as both an architect and a programmer. Adam also writes open-source software in a variety of programming languages. He’s the author of Your Code as a Crime Scene, has written the popular Lisp for the Web tutorial, and self-published a book on Patterns in C. His other interests include modern history, music and martial arts.

Twitter: @AdamTornhill

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