The Assertive Tester

Declan O’Riordan


Passive behaviour is a factor leading to defects, inefficiency, and security vulnerabilities in IT systems. As modern humans we mainly rely on three coping behaviours, two from our primitive past (fight or flight in the form of passive aggression and passive flight), plus one more powerful uniquely human quality: verbal assertive problem solving. An assertive tester evaluates a situation, decides how to act, then responds honestly and spontaneously without anxiety or guilt. They respect themselves and others, and take responsibility for their actions and decisions. The following eBook outlines how assertive testing can be far more effective than passive testing,…....

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About Me!

Declan O’Riordan has worked in IT since 1981 and testing since 1987. At his debut EuroSTAR conference speaking opportunity in 2014 he won the prize for best conference paper and was voted the session delegates would most like repeated with ‘The What? Why? Who? And How? Of Application Security’.

Declan subsequently won the prize for best conference paper at the STAR East conference in 2015 with ‘Security Testing: What Testers Can Do’. His ambition is to develop better communications between project teams and security specialists to prevent application security risks being ignored.

Twitter – @DeclanTestingIT

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