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Psychology in the Pursuit of Quality

Reading Time: 1 minute

One project is a great success and another is a complete disaster. Even though both use the same process, the same test method and the same toolset, how come? The difference is found in: psychology! In this video Rik gives some examples of how you can use knowledge of psychology in improving the results of your testing and your IT-project, based on his presentation on FEAR (Fantasy Experienced As Reality) at EuroSTAR 2011.



Rik Marselis is regarded as one of Sogeti’s most senior test consultants. As a test strategist Rik has played an important role in organizing testing and coaching testers in various companies in different branches including financial and public sector. He started his career over 30 years ago in software development and gradually shifted to testing and quality management. He has written many articles and contributed to 9 books on software testing. He trains testers for various ISTQB and TMap certificates and on specialized subjects. Besides his work at Sogeti he is active in the world of testing in the board of TestNet (the Netherlands special interest group in software testing) and in the workgroups of the ISTQB.

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