Finding The Treasure Map

Audun Urke


How can we start testing without being slowed down by the unknown aspects of a new context? When facing a new and different setting we might have to adapt to new technology, a completely different area of business, or perhaps we will need to modify our test methods and ways of working. This eBook will present some strategies to overcome these issues, based on tips and tricks from experienced testing consultants. Firstly, it will discuss how we can use the existing knowledge and experiences in an effective way so that we can start testing quickly, despite all the uncertainty. It will then…....

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About Me!

Audun Urke (Sogeti, Norway) is a Norwegian test consultant. He has experience as test manager and test engineer from manufacturing industry and public sector, working with technologies like embedded systems, mainframe and web services.

He has previously held presentations on subjects like risk-based testing of innovation and of improving requirements in behaviour-driven development.

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