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Let’s Talk About…Submitting to A Testing Conference

Reading Time: 1 minute

On the 21st January, Test Huddle hosted a Google Hangout with EuroSTAR Software Testing Conference 2016 Chair Shmuel Gershon and EuroSTAR 2015 Chair Ruud Teunissen to dispel some of the myths of how the submission process works and share what a successful submission might look like.

If you are submitting to a testing conference and want to know how you should frame your submission, then this hangout will give you a guide on where to start. Over the course of an hour Shmuel and Ruud examine what you should include in an submission, what to leave out, hoe to get the reviewers attention and more.



  • What a successful submission looks like
  • What should you include in a submission (and what should you not include)
  • How to frame your submission around the Conference theme
  • and your questions answered

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