Information For Stakeholders: Begin With The End In Mind

Rik Marselis


Some time ago I came across a test project where the stakeholders didn’t act on the situation that the software was not as good as expected. The problem seemed to be that although testing was well under way there still was no test plan approved, there was no formal reporting and actually the stakeholders didn’t get the information they needed in a way they needed it. In this podcast I will tell you on how to cope with such situation and help your stakeholders to have the information they need for a go no-go decision at the moment they need…....

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About Me!

Rik Marselis is one of Sogeti’s most senior management consultants in the field of quality and testing. He played an important role in organizing quality and testing in various organizations in different branches, by making practical implementations of well-known methods and approaches. Rik started his career over 30 years ago in software development and gradually shifted to testing and quality management. He was author of many articles and contributed to 14 books on software testing and quality management, for example “the PointZERO vision”, “Quality Supervision”, “TMap NEXT® in Scrum”, “TPI NEXT®” and “TMap NEXT® BDTM”. As a trainer and coach Rik has worked together with numerous IT-professionals to further improve their skills. Also Rik is an much appreciated presenter at conferences throughout Europe.

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