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EuroSTAR Conferences’ Chair Rikard Edgren Explains The Programme

Reading Time: 1 minute


In November another great EuroSTAR Conference will take place.

This webinar will cover the rationale for this year’s theme, “je ne sais pas”, and Rikard Edgren, this year’s chosen Conference Chair will discuss the contents of the programme.

Key Takeaways:

  • The conference theme and how the tester might interpret it.
  • Emerging trends and topics that appear in this year’s programme.
  • What to expect this year if you are attending!


Editor's Image

Rikard Edgren

About Rikard Edgren

Rikard Edgren describes himself as a humanistic and technical tester since 1998, specialized in generalities like test strategy and exploratory testing. Thus far Rikard has had eight speaking appearances at EuroSTAR and was a winner of the Best Conference Tutorial Award in 2014. Rikard is a member of the think-tank The Test Eye, co-author of Software Quality Characteristics, author of The Little Black Book on Test Design and Den Lilla Svarta om Teststrategi and a contributor the EuroSTAR’s recent publication ‘The Little Book of Testing Wisdom‘.

Rikard currently works as Test expert at Nordic Medtest, Karlstad, Sweden, working with Swedish healthcare infrastructure.


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