Performance Analysis for JUnit Test Cases

Eric Bower Scott Tilley and Tahida Parveen

This eBook is Chapter 5 from ‘Software Testing in the Cloud: Perspectives on an Emerging Discipline‘ by Scott Tilley and Tahida Parveen. This chapter, coauthored by Eric Bower, discusses a software testing framework called HadoopUnit that integrates Hadoop and JUnit to facilitate the distribution of unit tests to the nodes of a cluster for concurrent execution. It was conceived of the need to reduce test execution time for large collections of tests and has been shown to successfully accomplish this in a medium-size cluster of 150 nodes. This work considers its effectiveness on a small cluster (4 nodes) to determine…....

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Eric Bower, ENSCO, Inc., USA

Tauhida Parveen, Independent Consultant, USA

Scott Tilley, Florida Institute of Technology, USA

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