[Download] Make it Fail: Debugging

This is a sample chapter from the book Debugging, which tells you how to find out what’s wrong with stuff, quick. The book provides 9 rules and related corollaries that are universal (apply to any product or technology), essential (you need to follow them all), and fundamental (they are actually pretty simple, but easy to forget in the heat of battle).

This sample chapter describes rule #2, Make It Fail, which may be of particular interest to test engineers. You will learn why and how to make a test consistently break the system, and what information is needed from those failures to fix the bug. And you will be entertained by the humorous writing style and fun examples from hardware, software, cars, houses, and human bodies.

Key Takeaways

  • There are universal, essential, fundamental rules to debugging anything.
  • Making It Fail is important for a number of reasons, and must generate certain kinds of information to enable debugging.
  • Technical guidance can be funny.