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The EuroSTAR team are committed to creating a space for you to speak your mind and talk about what’s important. The value of testing, team dynamics, career advancement… We held Testing Voices on Tuesday 29th June (13:00-16:30 CEST). Our passionate speakers sparked important conversations for testers.

Working in testing? Passionate about quality? Many of us have challenges in our work. It may be your working environment, working with others or communication. Explore some of these challenges at Testing Voices. This was a live discussion led event. Think of it as a great debate! Hear from experienced testers and colleagues in different industries. Get practical tips, gain new insights and have your questions answered.

Testing Voices is a FREE community event, open to all software testers. The tough questions were asked. Question some tough answers. Get new perspectives.



Check out our Voices speakers below.


Keynote 1

Testing Becoming Harder to be Valuable

Maaret Pyhäjärvi

We all like to think that the work we do is valuable, and that testers should be paid same as developers. If we want to talk about getting paid for what we’re worth, we have to be better at talking about what we’re worth.

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Ask Me Anything Session

Career Advancement in the New Normal

Raj Subrameyer

Raj will share his real-life experiences of unexpected situations in his work environment.He will share different strategies that have transformed his and other people’s lives from a place of scarcity to abundance. Submit questions in advance or on the day!

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Panel Discussion

Different Teams, Different Testers

Veerle Verhagen, Hanna Schlander, Chris Armstrong, Sanne Visser, Shey Crompton

In a different team you might work in a different way. This panel discussion will look at surviving and thriving in different team dynamics. It’s good to know that there’s a lot of different types of settings for testers to work in and it’s especially good to know how they affect you. Learn from these different circumstances.

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Keynote 2

Test as Transformation

Keith Klain

In this talk Keith will explore opportunities for testing to not only support enterprise transformation programmes, but drive innovation and change beyond their traditional roles.

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