Supercharge Webinar Series, The Skills You Will Learn!

EuroSTAR Conferences are excited to announce a new and innovative webinar series that we have put together with your testing in mind!

If you want to reach your full testing ability, we have designed 4 webinars over 4 days to really advance your testing career.

We know testing can be challenging. We need to keep ourselves updated with the latest in technology best practices, and how to manage everyday interactions to help our work processes. The question is how can we, as testers, improve our testing skills to ensure that we stay relevant and provide the best possible value to the development?

Rob Lambert, Supercharge

Develop your Super Power for Work & Life Through Effective Communication

We kick of the series with EuroSTAR 2019 Conference speaker, Rob Lambert with his webinar, ‘Develop Your Super Power for Work & Life Through Effective Communication’. In this webinar, Rob will tackle why communication is integral for an effective functioning work environment and he will dive deep into what he calls the Trinity of Career Development that will you fired up and ready to take your career to the next level. Learn the knowledge and models needed to understand your own communication style and how to adapt it to others, the reason we have conflict and a great list of scientific communication that you can apply.

Testers – Is it Our Own Fault we are Underrated?!

UKSTAR 2018 speaker Claire Goss sparked a huge amount of interest with her talk ‘Testers, is it our own fault we are underrated?!’ so we knew we needed to have her back for a webinar. In Claire’s talk, she will highlight everything testers do outside of automation, what value they bring to organisations without even realising it, trying to work out why testers underrate themselves. Learn how to market yourself and show off the value that you bring to an organisation.

Scrolls of Wisdom and Magic Incantations in Python

We are delighted to have EuroSTAR Speaker 2019 Kristoffer Nordstrom as part of the series too. In Kristoffer’s webinar Scrolls of Wisdom and Magic Incantations in Python, Kristoffer will not only teach attendees the nuts and bolts of Python but also make sure you can connect it to useful examples of what the language can be used for as a tester in day to day work. Learn Python ideas on what testers/test developers can use Python for to help them with their thinking testing.

Michael Bolton Supercharge

The Rapid Software Testing Guide to What You Meant to Say

To end the series we are grateful to have another fantastic speaker and again speaking at this year’s 2019 conference, Michael Bolton. “I break the software.”   “Cannot reproduce.”  “We need a week to regress the new build.”  “We have to do automation.”  “It works!”  From time to time, testers say things that they don’t mean.. In the Rapid Software Testing Guide to What You Meant to Say, Michael Bolton will report on some common expressions and patterns of speech that he considers risky, strange, or silly and he’ll offer ideas for using words more carefully and precisely.

This powerful webinar series from top testing and quality assurance experts will have you revved up with impactful tips to improve your testing and build your career. Sign up and boost that testing!

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