Software Testing News: Tech And Testing News 11th – 25th November 2017

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It is the latest publication of the Huddle Testing and tech news, we look at some of the tech and testing news that have dominated headlines in the past fortnight. This edition features stories on iPhone X, bugs in Intel chips, DJI bug hunter programme and more.


 iPhone X Doesn’t Like the ColdiPhone X

Apple have released an update to the iOS software after the many customers complained that the phone became unresponsive once brought out into the cold. The iOS update fixes the problem along with others that are responsible for distorting video recorded on iPhone X.  Read More here


U.S. Government Warns About Bug in Intel ChipsIntel logo

These vulnerabilities affect essentially every business computer and server with an Intel processor released in the last two years

The U.S Department of Homeland Security gave notice last week of a dangerous bug found in Intel chips. A day after the bug was found the Government body advised computer users to updated their computers as soon as possible. The security vulnerability is located in the remote-management software known as “Management Engine”. Read More here


DJI threatens Bug Hunter

DJI is investigating the reported unauthorized access of one of DJI’s servers containing personal information submitted by our users.


A security researcher walked away from a $30,000 bug bounty because of his concerns of the legal agreement that he had to sign. Kevin Finisterre published the details of the bug last week that meant hackers could get access to the DJI servers and access users information.  Read More here




QAwerk launches Random applications Testing Project

Some of the most common issues QAwerk has discovered include sudden app crashes, grammatical errors, and the ability to leave important fields blank on forms”

Bug Crawl runs It runs weekly tests of random applications and generates  reports on any errors found. So far it has been testing apps on both the Play and Apple store.

Read More here


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