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Team Agility Assessment

Reading Time: 1 minute

Adopting the Agile/Scrum framework gives software teams a competitive advantage in delivering high value products to their customers, but that can only be achieved if that framework is provisioned with other top quality Agile processes and tools.The challenge is, even if you pick the right methods, how do you monitor and drive the key practices in to institutional usage within your department or company? Now you could use some of the more heavy process improvement assessment models, but few of those assessments address the specific methods that make a team Agile.


In this 45 min webinar, Ray Arell will introduce you to a custom assessment that he created to assess, monitor, and drive the agilization of his team. This team agility assessment is broken into three interdependent areas of measurements around competencies in skills and methods dealing with customer, team culture, and how work is performed. Once introduced to the model you may even see how it can work for you.


Key Points

  • Overview of the Team Agility Assessment
  • Explore the key areas that make up strong customer orientation
  • Review the agile culture and how you measure it
  • Talk about the key agile methods your software engineers use to get their work done

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