Get Ready, Set,….Automate!

John Fodeh


Test automation is becoming a must for meeting the challenges of modern software development. We use automation to replace repetitive and tedious manual testing; ensure the consistency and repeatability of tests; perform tests that are difficult to run manually and so on. Yet, many automation initiatives fail to deliver the desired results and tools often end up as “shelfware”. This webinar will explore the preconditions for successful test automation and describe some of the typical obstacles. What is needed in the organisation, what kind of specialized skills we need as testers and what can we expect in terms of return-on-investment?…....

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About Me!

John has more than 18 years of experience in software testing with extensive expertise in quality management, process improvement, testing tools and strategy. At Cognizant, he heads business development for Cognizant Quality Engineering and Assurance practice in Continental Europe and is a part of company’s global QE&A Think Tank team.  John has written a number of articles and book contributions.  He is an active member of special interest groups in software testing, EuroSTAR 2010 programme chair, chairman of the Danish Software Testing Board and an invited keynote speaker at various testing conferences.

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