More and Better Test Ideas

Rikard Edgren


In this 45 minute webinar, Rikard Edgren will discuss and look at the good ways to enable communication and what improvements are needed to use test specifications, that consists mainly of a lot of one-liner test ideas. Rikard will also discuss the several benefits: it is pretty fast to read and review for testers, developers, managers; it is easy to re-use the essence of other test ideas; it is a way to see how complete the testing will be: it is a format that allows test ideas to be formulated with the appropriate granularity.....

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About Me!

Rikard has been testing since 1998 and sees himself as a context-driven, humanistic and technical tester, enjoying the dynamics between people/machines, objective/subjective, whole/details.

After a couple of years with Microsoft’s localized products, he spent 11 years with Spotfire, producer of interactive data visualization products. The learnings resulted in the free e-book The Little Black Book on Test Design. Since 2011 he has been as a test consultant also doing testing education at companies and higher vocational studies programs, with a slight preference towards exploratory testing and test strategy.

He is a regular at national and international conferences, with seven appeareances at EuroSTAR (two of those as program committe member.) Member of the think-tank The Test Eye, author of Den Lilla Svarta om Teststrategi (in Swedish), co-author of Software Quality Characteristics, and co-organizer of SWET, Swedish Workshop on Exloratory Testing.


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