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Achieving Performance Excellence in Testing

Reading Time: 1 minute

To ensure the performance of business critical systems, it is vital to implement a strategic approach across your entire IT estate. Join Ian Molyneaux as he presents Intechnica’s Performance Assurance Framework, which compliments his discussion on the importance of good performance, how to achieve it, and how automation tools can be used to implement these strategies.


ian molyneauxIan Molyneaux has over 30 years’ experience in IT, providing performance consultancy and promoting business-driven performance testing. He joined Intechnica in 2010 as Head of Performance; since then he has grown the Performance team, and has been instrumental in the creation of Intechnica’s Performance Assurance Framework. Prior to this role he held senior performance roles for Compuware and MicroFocus. Ian’s book “The Art of Application Performance Testing” was published by O’Reilly in 2009, the first chapter of which was turned into one of the most downloaded eBooks on the EuroSTAR Conferences website in 2011. He wrote the book in response to the lack of any practical guide to the field of performance testing, and he has a growing international community of followers and fans.

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