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Keynotes from the EuroSTAR Roadshow in Warsaw

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Here you can listen to all three keynote presentations from the EuroSTAR Roadshow in Warsaw while you work, exercise or drive!

These keynotes were on ‘Test Improvement – Any place, Any time, Anywhere by Ruud Teunissen (EuroSTAR Programme Chair 2015), ‘Moving to Frequent Releases’ by Rob Lambert (EuroSTAR ‘Best Tutorial’ Winner 2015) & ‘SMAC Your Testing’ by John Fodeh (EuroSTAR Programme Chair 2010)

View video recordings of these keynotes >>

Meet The Keynote Presenters

Ruud Teunissen smallRuud Teunissen is best described as a passionate software tester. Throughout his career he has played almost any possible role in testing in a variety of environments and companies. Ruud is coauthor of several books on structured testing, including Software Testing: A Guide to the TMap® Approach – the foundation of the TMap Next and TMap HD approach. Currently he is senior test consultant at Polteq Test Services BV; he focuses on test improvement and test management in “any context”. He was Programme Chair for EuroSTAR 2015 and a seasoned speaker at conferences.


Rob Lambert smallRob Lambert is the author of Remaining Relevant, a book about remaining relevant and employable in today’s testing world. It’s published on LeanPub. His mission is to inspire testers to achieve great things in their careers and to take control of their own learning and self development. He is a veteran Engineering Manager building a forward thinking, creative and awesome team at NewVoiceMedia. Rob has also written a number of other test related content such as The Blazingly Simple Guide To Web Testing, The Problems With Testing, The Diary of a Test Manager and many others. You can find them on his blog at


John Fodeh smallJohn Fodeh has more than 18 years of experience in software testing with extensive expertise in quality management, process improvement, testing tools and strategy. At Cognizant, he heads business development for Cognizant Quality Engineering and Assurance practice in Continental Europe and is a part of company’s global QE&A Think Tank team.  John has written a number of articles and book contributions.  He is an active member of special interest groups in software testing, EuroSTAR 2010 programme chair, chairman of the Danish Software Testing Board and an invited keynote speaker at various testing conferences.

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