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UKSTAR Online Talks: How to Test Blockchain Applications | Rhian Lewis

Date of Webinar: 13/02/2019

Reading Time: 1 minute

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Blockchain technology – best known for Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies – is being investigated for use in many different areas, from payments to supply-chain logistics and energy generation. But testing decentralised applications, particularly on public blockchains, requires testers to think in a completely different way. How do you mitigate against the risk of bugs when you are deploying to an immutable data structure? How can you replicate a production environment that is spread across thousands of different nodes of varying performance and specification? How can you future-proof yourself against changes in the open-source software you are using?

And what does it mean to test for transaction cost as well as transaction integrity?

This webinar will attempt to answer these questions, as well as running through some of the most popular public and private blockchains and their use cases.

Key Takeaways:

  1. Difference between decentralised and centralised applications
  2. Particular challenges of public blockchains


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Rhian Lewis

About Rhian Lewis

Rhian Lewis is a contract test automation specialist, who has worked on projects for some of Europe’s largest financial, leisure and automotive brands. She is also the co-developer of the cryptocurrency portfolio tracker and a co-founder of award-winning blockchain startup She works as an independent blockchain consultant and runs the London Women in Bitcoin Meetup group, as well as writing about blockchain tech for Coin Telegraph and elsewhere. She was named as one of the CoinFilter Top 40 Women in Bitcoin, and last year made it into the Richtopia list of Top 100 Fintech Influencers.

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