Going Cloudy How to test SaaS

Kees Blokland


The introduction of cloud computing has changed the playing field for testing. Testing needs to evolve and innovate to address the newly introduced risks that come with “going cloudy” with application services. How do we make sure that the continuity of services is guaranteed? In this webinar Kees Blokland introduces new solutions to tackle the new risks that arise with SaaS. How to use innovative combinations of testing techniques to cope with this phenomenon....

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About Me!

Prior to joining Polteq (www.polteq.com) in 2003 as a test consultant, Kees Blokland worked fourteen years for Lucent Technologies in various test positions, including test department manager. Now, as manager of R&D at Polteq, Kees develops their vision of testing and provides international test consulting. As senior test manager, Kees advises on test management, test improvement, and test outsourcing. He teaches a broad range of test classes, including ISTQB Advanced, TMap, and special topics, like Cloud, SOA, and outsourcing. Kees is a frequent speaker at conferences worldwide and one of the authors of the book: “Cloutest® Testing cloud services. The approach: from risk to test measures.”

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