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Testing meetups have become more and more popular. Meetups have popped up in most cities throughout Europe and are enthusiastically attended by many testers. Attending these meetup’s can be for many reasons. So we want to ask you, why do you attend meetups? Is it to gain more knowledge, make connections with others or something else.

There are many reasons why you would want to attend a meet-up. There are the obvious benefits including getting help with testing problems and more.

We want to hear your thoughts and tell us why you enjoy attending Meetups.

Why Do You Attend Meetups?

Why Do You Attend Meetups?
Learning - Learn About Something New
Networking - Getting to know other testers
Get New Ideas
Looking for Employment Opportunities
Get Specific Help With A Problem
Insight into local Tech Community
Make Friends in Tech Community


What are the big questions in software testing? We want to answer that question. Each week on Huddle we share a poll on the big questions in Testing in our weekly Software Survey of Testers. You might feel a certain way about how many years it takes to become a good tester or you might have a certain opinion on ISO standards or testing problems but what are the opinions of others and how does your opinion fit into the thoughts of the software test.

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