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    Jeba Qpt

    What are the basic difference between testing and debugging?


    Of course, they are different things. Testers perform testing in order to find all possible defects. The debug is performed by developers in order to find the causes of defects and for their removal.

    Devanathan Ram

    It is a cold war between the testing and development teams.
    Testing: As you know, teams are very keen on finding all possible defects on whatever they are testing. The defects would be assigned to development team.
    Debugging: The development team who work on the defect fixing, will carry out debugging the defect to find the root cause and to remove it.


    Yes, I think the ideas pointed out by @gohar and @thoughtsofdeva are the differences between testing and debugging.

    There are specific situations where these activities are somehow done together by testers and developers. When a problem is discovered by a tester and it can be reproduced only in some situations (specific workflows, input data, configurations etc.), the developer may ask the tester to help him by running the test step by step. Thus, developer can look on each step in the logs and check the code to investigate and find the issue.
    It can require further analysis to identify the problem and developer may need to compare different test runs (like tests that work correctly or tests that fail but have other sets of data). The tester should repeat the step by step procedure for each run while the developer checks the code and the logs at each step.



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    Testing: Basically, testing is a process of exploring the system to find defects present in the software, and not only that, this process has to locate the defects and define what will happen once these defects occur. This process is performed in the testing phase by testing team, and after this phase, they will report to the developer team to debug.

    Some popular testing tools: Selenium, Katalon Studio, TestComplete,…

    Debugging: Once Development team received the report from the testing team, they will start debugging. The purpose of this phase is to locate the bug and rids the software of it. It is a one-off process and is done manually. In this process, a special tool called debugger is used in locating the bugs, most of the programming environments have the debugger.

    Some popular Debugger tools: WinDbg, OllyDbg, IDA Pro,…

    In fact, these terms are usually mistaken to be the same, refer this article for more details: The Differences Between Testing and Debugging


    Testing: Trying to find error/bug/flaw by assessing the product.
    Debugging: Finding the root cause of an issue to eradicate it from occurring.


    One basic difference I would say is:

    Testing covers the user perspective of the software plus general check from developers side, while debugging is more a developer activity.

    Probably testing is a more general concept and can includes debugging but also the user perspective side.



    Yes, Testing and debugging both are different things…

    Testing is done by the software testers and it is the process of finding the bugs and errors of the applications.

    Debugging is done by the developer it is the process of fixing the bugs which are found during the testing process.

    You can do Testing manually or through automation but debugging can not be automated…

    I hope you will get my point…

    Thanks and Regards,

    Software Tester

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    Hey Jeba,

    I am working in a leading IT QA company industry as an automation engineer and sharing differences based on my expertise.

    Testing is a process of finding bugs, errors in the IT industry to launch a product/website in the market. This can be performed by a tester manually or automated.

    Debugging: This is a process of fixing the bugs/errors found in the testing. This action can be performed by a programmer or developer.

    Hope this answer your query.

    Arnav Goyal

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    debugging is the process of fixing a bug in the software and testing is the process to find bugs and errors.debugging is the process to correct the bugs found during testing.it is the process to identify the failure of implemented code

    ASP.Net Software Development

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