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    We are giving away some beautiful test Huddle t-shirts this week at EuroSTAR.

    All you have to do is to get your hLands on one is to say hello in the Introduce yourself thread, comment here when done and meet me at the Community Huddle today and tomorrow at lunch to claim your free t-shirt.

    Here is Daragh modelling one of the lovely t-shirts now.




    Great conference, great t-shirts :))) see you around.


    Great to See You all at the Eurostar.


    EuroStar conference has been awesome so far, great sessions, admiring speakers and meeting people from all over is just an experience you have to cherish and appreciate. Looking forward for more …




    Hi, I am enjoying my 3rd EuroSTAR. Best part so far: Keynote by Kristoffer.


    I’ve managed to launch a missile and didn’t even get a lousy T-shirt. So better luck at Testhuddle 😉


    I wanna t-shirt❤️


    Amazing conference! Very pretty-shorts 😉


    Hello. Time in EuroSTAR goes so fast. We’re almost at the end now. Hope everyone is having anawsome time like I am.


    First time at euroSTAR. Very interesting conference.


    `Great conference, can’t wait to get back to the office with my new shirt.


    Very good conference. Alain


    Really worthy to be here. See you next year☺


    Now my working/consulting technique got a new name: “Rainmaker” 😉
    Thanks to Julie Gardiner – and her great WS by the way.


    I hope everyone is enjoying their TEST Huddle t-shirts? They were gone by Thursday morning. I didn’t even get to keep one myself 🙁

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