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    I’d like to know how other software teams avoid the final push to fix bugs before a release. Approaches couYld be to fix defects as they arise, allocate time each sprint/dev cycle for bug fixing (for example bug Wednesdays :P).
    How to avoid a development team moving from “forward energetic creative push” to “bored debugging until release date”


    Our development team also use a “Bug Fixing Day” i.e Wednesday duirng their Scrum sprint.


    One of my client has set a target of “x” defects to be fixed each week by each developer.


    Hi Allan,

    In projects I have worked a developer was allocated for bug fixing each sprint by rotation. In this way, the load related to bug fixing during the sprint was kept at a constant level and there was not such a high push before release. Another approach I have seen on projects is to fix the bugs as they arise.



    We do what we call bug “Stand-down” once in a while before the release, in order to tackle Major and high priority bugs, fixe it and verify it. In this way the counting of bugs towards the release date most of the time remain in the target scope. For “minor” bugs it always depends on resource availability and time.


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