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The EuroSTAR SoapBox has always been a key part in the Community Huddle at all EuroSTAR organised conferences. This year the SoapBox has gone virtual and we are so excited to share the latest update with you.

What is a SoapBox?

The concept of a ‘soapbox’  started in the days when impromptu public speaking was often on street corners and the speaker took to a raised platform, often a wooden crate that had been used for shipment of soap – hence ‘soapbox’.

Nowadays, it refers to informal talks, often a call for fellow community members to join you in a project, or perhaps a story of success or failure you’d like to share – the sky is the limit!

Community Strikes at EuroSTAR Online

Usually, this informal speaking platform is for attendees of the annual EuroSTAR Softfware Testing Conference and it is located in the Community Huddle area for attendees to share their thoughts or views on a subject of their choosing.

For 2020, you don’t have been to a registered attendee to share your voice on the EuroSTAR SoapBox. We are welcoming pre-recorded videos which we will share on the MAIN STAGE during the EuroSTAR Online Conference this November.

We are inviting any member of the community who wishes to have their voice amplified to record and submit a 2-minute SoapBox video on a topic you are passionate about. Videos will be reviewed and you will receive a confirmation that it will appear at EuroSTAR.

What do I talk about?

Tackle the topics that are important to you and influence a world-wide audience from your home.

Your SoapBox video can be on a topic of your choice. Whether its diversity in testing, a new testing solution, whatever you feel like, it’s up to you!

How do I register?

You’ve got the experience, now share it with the community. Here’s all you have to do, to inspire the community:

  • Register your interest in this form, you will receive tips on recording
  • Record a 2-minute powerful SoapBox Video – must be landscape, high resolution via your phone, video camera or Zoom
  • Submit your video before Oct. 31st

Simple! This is an awesome opportunity to share your you experience with the global testing community.  So what are you waiting for?

Register today!

Good luck! 🙂

SoapBox at EuroSTAR


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