BlogSpy 245 – Collection Of Software Testing News

It’s here again! Our weekly round-up of great software testing news found on other website. Every week we published this little gem called the BlogSpy – and you guessed it, we spy the internet to grab the juiciest software testing news. Here are our top picks:



Solving a Maze using Q-Learning |

This article written by James is about a maze game, and he decided to code up a demo of using Q-learning to solve a maze. His maze is size 3×4 so being in a cell is a state and there are 12 states. Unlike many ML algorithms, implementing Q-learning is easy but the ideas are very deep.  Dive deeper to understand James’ logic!

Read the full article here


Unit tests vs. Integration tests |

Brian is a Software Test Engineer. This article contains a 28 minute long video embedded. Brian talks about automation tests, regression testing, the downsides of integration testing and more.  What’s interesting is that the videos are easy to learn, Brian also publishes a new video every week so you can educate yourself on many topics.

Watch the video here


3 Testers 3 Stories |

This is an interesting piece to read especially if you are interested in becoming a software tester and you aren’t sure if the career is good for you. This article shares 3 stories based upon lives of three real testers, their experiences and adventures.

Read the full article here


Sometimes UI Automation is Perfectly OK |

Josh Grant is a great software tester and his blog is worth following. In this article he discusses a good few reasons why some teams have only UI automated testing and why is perfectly OK.

Read the full article here


We have covered some great articles mentioned in our previous BlogSpy, in case you missed it here is where your can find them: BlogSpy 244

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