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Our weekly round-up is here and reveals the juiciest software testing news! Every week we are scanning the online world for freshly baked news in the software testing category. We then pile them up into one blog post and publish it for you. Sounds great doesn’t it? We did all the heavy lifting for you, so you can save time. Here are the top picks:


Using YouTube as a Data Source in Gatsbyjs |

In this article, Swizec Teller talks about the interesting things he is doing while live-coding . Every Sunday, Swizec (also known as the geek in the hat) codes online and you can get a chance to view it in real time. Subscribe to his YouTube channel to view more.

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TDD- Why It Can Help Make Your Software Cheaper | Nataliia,

Nataliia is a writer for a mobile software testing company and was kind enough to share her opinion with Huddle readers. In this article, Nataliia writers about the  special methodologies that can help developers reduce development costs without a loss of quality. Test-driven development is one of such methodology she reveals in the article. Nataliia also shows its advantages and capabilities.

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Are We Shifting Left or in a Continuous Loop? | MySoftwareQuality

A very interesting article written by Augusto Evangelisti on the  Shift Left and even Shift Right terminology, he reveals how this terminology has helped him and his team understand where they needed to take their attention to.

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The Difference Between Testing and Debugging | Hailey, Software Tester

Great article written for EuroSTAR Huddle by Hailey, a passionate software tester from Australia. In this blog post, Hailey shares a deeper view of the distinctions between testing and debugging. Furthermore, she offers some tips that can help you get eager to debug & debug more effectively.

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The Stickman Tester | Gareth, Testing the Waterhouse

In this blog post Gareth uploaded a link to his 120 second video, where he talks about a testers journey in an Agile team, about how not everyone has it as good as others, and about not giving up, keep moving forward, or trying to change your role to make it what you want it to be. Great and inspirational short video fro all testers!
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Some great articles were also mentioned last week, in case you missed it here is where your can find them: BlogSpy 243


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