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  • How MS Dynamics 365 Integration Assists In Finance + Operations

    When an enterprise moves beyond traditional HR management tools and integrates Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Talent; it opens more opportunities for the organisation’s staff to create better secured, intelligent, and connected management. Microsoft Dynamics 365 offers enterprise application solutions related …

    • 02/07/2019
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    • Posted by James
  • Smart Ways To Get Hold Of The Right Mobile App Testing Strategy

    Due to the smartphone revolution, the number of mobile users has increased a great deal. Users depend on mobiles for almost all of their routine activities. From paying bills, communicating to shopping online, mobile applications are commonly used these days. …

    • 28/06/2019
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    • Posted by Ray
  • Top 10 Best Automated Software Testing Tools

    Successful automation testing depends upon choosing the right tool for the project you are working for. In the market there is N number of open-source and business automation tools are present, But, finding the best one for your business is …

    • 27/06/2019
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    • Posted by Nicola
  • Why Is The Market Of Facial Recognition Buzzing?

    Facial recognition is one of the biometric software that can recognize and outline the facial features mathematically and collects the information as a face print. The Facial recognition techniques use deep learning algorithms to examine live face features or digital …

    • 26/06/2019
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    • Posted by Jessica Cyrus
  • 3 Key Takeaways From Gartner’s Voice of the Customer Report

    Gartner is known as the world’s leading IT research and advisory firm. Gartner research publications are commonly considered as a high trust source of reference for customers to evaluate their products from various industries in the world. To provide you …

    • 21/06/2019
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    • Posted by Rai
  • How to Reduce Turnover in Your Developer Department

    Summary: Great developers are hard to come by and even harder to retain. Use learning, collaboration and good old fashioned programming to keep these hard-working employees where they are.   Software development is one of the fastest growing professions, according …

    • 19/06/2019
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    • Posted by Nicola
  • Supercharge Webinar Series, The Skills You Will Learn!

    EuroSTAR Conferences are excited to announce a new and innovative webinar series that we have put together with your testing in mind! If you want to reach your full testing ability, we have designed 4 webinars over 4 days to …

    • 19/06/2019
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    • Posted by Cliodhna
  • 5 Career Growth and Motivation Tips for Software Testing Professionals

    Be it any profession, if you are not satisfied with your job profile and the kind of work you do, it’s very hard to stay motivated. You should be able to challenge yourself, you should want to learn more. This …

    • 19/06/2019
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    • Posted by Nicola
  • Successful Intelligent Digital Mesh-Quality 4.0 Mindset is supportive, a thought

    Intelligent Digital Mesh: Digital mesh is connecting people, devices, content and services together to support digital business. This mesh is digitally matured and intelligent (as artificial intelligence driven). So, it is known as “Intelligent Digital Mesh”. Gartner have announced “Intelligent …

    • 18/06/2019
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    • Posted by Nicola
  • A Comprehensive Guide to Mobile App Testing Techniques and Tools

    Technology has spoiled us. Nowadays, consumers have no patience for apps that crash or get stuck. One bad customer experience and word about the poor performance of your mobile app will spread faster than the plague. Thanks to social media …

    • 14/06/2019
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    • Posted by Nicola
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