Tips on Hiring App Developers and Testers

Did you know that more than 80% of people worldwide have access to a smartphone? This figure is increasing and is expected to pass 90% by 2026. As an intelligent business owner, these statistics should alert you that most of your target audiences have a phone in their pockets, and the best way to pocket them is to find a way into their phones. Judging by the fact that people use their phones for most online activities and over half of internet traffic spur from mobile devices, developing a mobile app for your business is a no-brainer if you don’t already have one. But developing a mobile app that intrigues your customers and puts you ahead of your competitors is not an easy task. You need an experienced app developer who understands the market demands and your brand’s offering and can merge everything into a well-responsive, easy-to-navigate, and visually appealing mobile application.  While there are numerous ways you can go about this, here are five simple steps to hiring App Developers and software testers.

Work With a PEO Company

The freelancing market is expanding, and organizations are increasingly hiring professionals worldwide to help deliver premium services to customers. Finding a well-experienced professional that can deliver quality on a global scale might not be easy. But you can also partner with a Professional Employer Organization (PEO) to assist you in finding top app developers from around the globe. PEO firms assist other businesses in hiring contractors who will work for their company remotely. Your PEO agent will ensure that they hire the best talents in app development for your company. They will handle the entire recruitment process, including interviews, posting job advertising on numerous employment boards, and analyzing portfolios. Essentially, they assist you in making the recruitment process less stressful. Therefore you should consider working with a PEO. 


Consider Your Budget

A budget is essential for any decision-making process. It helps you find an affordable professional, and you can choose if you want the developer to work as an in-house employee or a freelance staff. It is important to note that it will cost more to hire an in-house developer than a freelancer. While in-house employees get paid monthly, freelancers only receive payment for tasks they execute. However, your in-house developer will always be available at your beck and call, and your company’s assignment will always be a priority. Ultimately, the choice is yours; you must ensure you weigh your options. Then you can find the option that works best for your company and sits within your budget. If you plan to hire a freelance developer, you should also discuss the terms of service. This will help to avoid any conflict in the future.

Determine What Type of Application You Want:

You must have a good idea of what you want to communicate effectively with the app developer. How can your developer help you if you don’t know or they can’t understand what you want? There are several application interfaces, and the type you want will determine how your developer will begin your project. For example, an e-commerce app differs from a real-time data tracking platform, and the procedures involved in developing these apps also differ. Without clarification, it would not be easy to progress beyond one phase. If you are having trouble creating ideas for your app, you can download and study the mobile apps of your competitors. Find design flaws and think of a solution you can integrate into your app. 


Consider the Portfolio

You may not know the app developer personally, but you can better understand their expertise by reviewing their portfolio. An experienced application developer will have worked for several firms and be willing to let you see what they have done for past clients. Then, choose the developer with the best portfolio and initiate an interview. Ask pertinent questions to understand your potential developer’s professionalism better. If you are satisfied with the interview, you can trust the individual to help you design an outstanding business application. This process is tedious, and you can take the burden off your HR team if you work with a PEO.

Visit Hiring Platforms

You can hire professionals for your company by visiting digital hiring platforms. Different professionals have platforms where they are most active. You can post your job description here and have qualified app developers reach out to you. Other design communities, such as Behance and Dribble, also allow you to hire application developers for your company. On these platforms, the developers’ portfolios are displayed on their walls. Hiring platforms give you various options; therefore, the decision is in your hands.

There are three types of professionals: experts, intermediates, and newbies. All of these groups regard themselves as professionals. They can execute your work, but you can tell the difference between an expert and a novice by the quality of their work. Finding an affordable expert professional is preferable for your best interest and customer satisfaction. And you can quickly find them by working with a professional employer organisation. So for Hiring App Developers and software testers, take these tips in regard and go out there and starting hiring!

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