Things To Do With .Net Core 3.0 in Visual Studio 2019

There is no fixed code-editor one can use for .NET coding as a lot of companies have made their own code-editors, which can be used to do this work. One such company is Microsoft, who has their own version of .NET code editor known as .NET core, whose main task is to make the web applications. Recently, it was confirmed by Microsoft that by the time the complete version of Microsoft Visual Studio 2019 was released in the market on April 2nd, the .Net core 3.0 wouldn’t be complete. Although a trial version of .net was released in the market in February 2019.

Problems users have been facing with .net preview version

Although visual studio’s and .net core’s complete version has not been released in the market with visual studio’s new version being released in April. On the other hand, .net core 3.0 doesn’t have any release date as of now, however, the preview version of these two software solutions were released in the market by Microsoft for the users. The purpose is if they face any issue in the software, they could report it back to them. This got a mixed reaction by the users since the preview version of .net core 3.0 barely emphasized on the new things that were added to it and people facing problems in the running of the program in Visual Studio 2019. The main problems which were reported back to Microsoft which they have or are trying to resolve in the versions are:-

  • Microsoft promised that the users won’t have to separately download .net core version and then making it compatible with visual studio as the new version would come with .net core attached to it. This worked only to a certain extent.
  • Some users had the issue that the .net core 3.0 framework was not offered by visual studio 2019 and while the program was running in the studio it was using the old framework.
  • Users had to download new versions of both software solutions since if someone just downloaded .net core 3.0 and try to use it with older versions of visual studio, it showed errors since this version of .net core was only compatible with new version of visual studio.

Steps were taken by Microsoft to resolve this problem

Once Microsoft learned of the issues they have tried to resolve them and have succeeded on some while on others they have released statements on how to resolve the issue. Some of the steps taken by them are:-

  • On the compatibility issue of the .net core with visual studio 2019, they have released a statement stating that this is a design fault and .net would be completely added to the visual studio much later than 16.0.
  • To resolve the target framework issue, they have given steps to be followed by the users to add the .net 3.0 framework as one of the target frameworks of visual studio 2019. These steps are:-
    • Go to tools menu and then choose options
    • From the windows that open select projects and solutions
    • From there select .net core
    • From there, select preview of .net core SDK

Once the user has done these steps, all he needs to do is restart the IDE and .net 3.0 will appear as a target framework option in Visual Studio 2019. This is the only issue faced by the user which can be resolved in the preview version only and he/she doesn’t need to wait for the complete version.

  • On the problem that the preview version of .net core 3.0 not working on the older version of the visual studio, they have released a video where they have explained how to execute it when it comes on an older version of the studio. The only issue that would be faced by the user is that, although by following the steps, they can run the preview version of the .net core on older versions of visual studio, it would not be running completely on those versions and it is advised to use newer versions than the old ones. Another issue is it is specifically specified in the video that these steps will only work with preview version and when the complete version of the software would be released, they would have to download the newer version of visual studio.

There are a lot of issues in .net core 3.0 version which the Microsoft had to resolve before the complete version of the software could be released. This led to a lot of backlash for Microsoft which caused them to release useful tips that you can try with core web development 3.0 in VS 2019 so that the users could understand how to resolve the issues that they were facing.

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