Testing News of The Week: 28th November – 5th December 2015

Welcome to this week’s Quotes of the Week: Could hackers hack your pacemaker? A survey on Agile in testing and more.


New Report on the Global Software Testing Market

The global software testing market is predicted to grow in conjunction with the demand for testing to accommodate multiple use cases. Due to the convergence of multi-environment scenarios like heterogeneous networks, rigorous testing methods have become imperative for telecom operators.”

A quote from the story on the latest software testing report by Wise Guy Reports on the software testing market in the telecom industry. Read more here


A Software Testing Survey in South Africa

No regression testing is another factor, with the transition from Waterfall to Agile, most teams struggle to fit regression testing into a two-week sprint. In some cases, teams stop regression testing completely

Mario Matthee, head: Global Testing Centre & SQA Professional Services at DVT expands on the results of a recent survey that the company conducted in South Africa that found that some companies in South Africa have left out aspects like regression testing in their testing approach. Read more here


HTC is Recruiting Some Beta Testers

people with an eye for design, a passion for technology, and a bunch of great ideas

HTC describes the sort of people that they are looking for as the company launches its HTC Preview programme. Much like Apple’s beta programme, HTC is asking users to test some of its software before a major launch. Read More here


An Agile Testing Survey

Participants responded to questions regarding agile and agile implementation including challenges and successes met in conversion, agile methodology and technology used, testing preferences and success rates, automation and outsourcing.

A survey of software testers on the Agile methodology by XBOSoft has looked at a number of areas that Agile has affected software testing and discovers that the change has been mostly positive for testers.

Read More here

Could hackers break my heart via my pacemaker?

To the lay person, they probably think the pacemaker has the same wireless you have at home. It’s not the same – it’s very different

An article by Chris Vallance reports on the possibility that the wireless capability in a pacemaker could be disrupted by hackers. The report suggests that connecting devices to the Internet of Things can have unexpected consequences. Read More here


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