Blogspy 124: This week’s round-up of the best software testing blog posts from the blogosphere

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Welcome to the 124th edition of EuroSTAR’s BlogSpy, the best round-up on the internet of the latest blog posts from the world of software testing.


Agile Benefits Management – Mike Griffiths

Mike Griffiths explains why moving to Agile can be beneficial for management at any company.

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10 Years Independent – Simon Schrijver

Simon celebrates ten years as an independent tester, why he became an independent tester. He also reviews the challenges and benefits of being an independent tester.

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Testing Podcasts – Michael Ensminger

Less a blog post and more a useful site with a great resource. The Testing Podcast website compiles a number of testing related podcasts  all in one place. Listen and enjoy.

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Another experience in Mob Testing – Maaret Pyhäjärvi

Maaret explains a learning format that she has tried with a bunch of university students at her former college.

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My Testing Philosophy – Chris Kenst

Chris creates a list to develop his idea of  what testing is to progress to his own testing philosophy.
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An opinionated definition of a unit test – Dennis Doomen

Dennis continues the log debate of trying to narrow down what is a unit test. Here he gives some characteristics of which best to define a unit test.

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Testing for Non-Testers Pathway – Katrina Clokie

Katrina Clokie gathers a number of resources together to help a non-tester or testers who recuit non-testers for some assistance on how best to carry out testing.

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How to use coverage metrics for more effective embedded software testing – John Thomas

“Timing is everything in software development. Just think about the timing of when a software defect is found. Found after a release, it can be a disaster, compromising people’s safety and costing millions. Found before a release, the defect can be reduced to merely an annoyance.”

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