Software Testing and QA News: 11th – 18th February 2016

Each week on Huddle we feature the latest software testing and QA news stories in our weekly testing news bulletin. This week news stories on: Promoting software testing to university students, testing scholarships, the best bug bountys ever paid and more.


QASymphony Announce Software Testing ScholarshipImage result for qasymphony

““We see this scholarship as a great way to give back to the software testing community and help provide educational opportunities to the next generation of testing professionals.”

The software testing Company QASymphony The scholarship valued at $1,000 will help students cover the costs of attending an institution of higher learning. Eligible students are invited to complete a brief application and write a 500-word essay about the importance of software testing and development. The scholarship is open to all college students and students graduating school in 2017.

Read More about the QASymphony Scholarship here


Scott Logic Promotes Software Testing To University StudentsImage result for Scott Logic

Our aim is to create a fun experience that will be worthwhile for organisers and attendees alike, as well as to raise awareness of software testing as a career and what it entails.

In an endeavour to promote the software testing to third level students, Scott Logic will host a Bug Hunt at Newcastle University in March to highlight the importance of software testing. Read More here



Software Testing Firm Goes to CourtImage result for NSS Labs,

NSS Labs, the company who’s modus operandi is to test a wide variety of software products to help IT Professionals decide which one suits them best has been taken to court after one of its recent publications of test results. The security software company CrowdStrike claimed that NSS obtained their software for testing and published results contrary to an agreement between the two companies.  Read More about NSS Labs here



The Top 5 Bug Bounties Ever Paid

“Some companies like Microsoft conduct annual competitions for the same and others like Google have incorporated this programme to be a year-long affair — paying handsome bounties to the tune of tens of thousands of dollars to hackers.”

Here is a short list recently compiled by Guiding Tech on the Top 5 Bug Bountys ever paid. Some security researchers have done very well out of testing security of some company’s software.

Read More here


Toyota Call Back Mirai Because of Bug

It should be noted that, in the US, it’s not an official recall, but a “customer satisfaction campaign

Toyota has called back every single Mirai hydrogen fuel cell vehicle sold around the world. The issue relates to the car’s powertrain and it putting too much energy through the car. Read More here



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