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This Day in Technology History: February 17th

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  • 17/02/2017

Welcome to the latest edition of On This Day where we examine events that occurred on this day in technology history. On this day in computer history,


1994 – Apple Release QucikTake 100 CameraImage result for QuickTake 100 Camera

Apple Computer releases the QuickTake 100 camera. The camera is the first of its kind, a digital camera released for the consumer-level market that connects to a personal computer via a serial cable. However the camera will only last a year before being discontinued in January  1995.



2000 – Microsoft Launch Windows 2000

Microsoft unveils the new Windows 2000 operating system. The new Operatering System is launched in a San Francisco ceremony featuring entertainment by Carlos Santa and Patrick Stewart. Microsoft claims that the new system is faster and more reliable than previous versions. The software costs $189 for a Windows 95/98 upgrade or US$129  for a Windows NT upgrade.


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