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This Day in Technology History: February 17th

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  • 17/02/2017
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Welcome to the latest edition of On This Day where we examine events that occurred on this day in technology history. On this day in computer history, Windows 2000 was launched and Apple release the Quciktake 100 Camera.


1994 – Apple Release QuickTake 100 CameraImage result for QuickTake 100 Camera

Apple Computer releases the QuickTake 100 camera. The camera is the first of its kind, a digital camera released for the consumer-level market that connects to a personal computer via a serial cable. However the camera will only last a year before being discontinued in January  1995.



2000 – Microsoft Launch Windows 2000

Microsoft unveils the new Windows 2000 operating system. The new Operatering System is launched in a San Francisco ceremony featuring entertainment by Carlos Santa and Patrick Stewart. Microsoft claims that the new system is faster and more reliable than previous versions. The software costs $189 for a Windows 95/98 upgrade or US$129  for a Windows NT upgrade.


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