Quotes of the Week – October 4th

On this week’s Quotes of the Week, The ISO debate continues, Fifa 15 is released with some bug issues and Shellshock is still around.


The ISO 29119 Debate Examined

“Then there’s the 98% of the rest of us, and almost everybody looked at this whole thing as silly.” – Rex Black

Probably one of the most comprehensive reads on the ISO 29119 debate. This article by Rob Marvin covers all issures relating to the debate and features quotes from all the main protagonists involved on both sides of the debate. Read it in its entirety here.


Fifa 15 Issues


Fifa 15 was released last Friday. A number of bugs were spotted since the release of the game.  One in particular has annoyed a lot of players. The bug, suggested by some to be an anti-piracy feature causes all the players to run towards the centre circle. You can read more about the bug and see it in action here.


Shellshock still Around

Almost anyone with an interest in malicious code will be able to build malware that uses the vulnerabilities” – Thomas Clayburn

The Shellshock/bash bug is still around. As reported here last week, the bug has emerged as one of the most dangerous for computer users the world over. Here, Thomas Claybon reports on who is vulnerable and what to do about it.



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