Quotes of the Week: July 26th-August 1st 2015

Welcome to the this week’s Quotes of the Week: In the news this week; hackers remotely take control of a Chrysler Jeep, Chrysler issues sofware update, Microsoft’s critical patch for Windows 10 and Windows 10 release day.

Hackers Remotely Cut a Chrysler Engine while it’s on the Motorway

Though I hadn’t touched the dashboard, the vents in the Jeep Cherokee started blasting cold air at the maximum setting, chilling the sweat on my back through the in-seat climate control system.

Hackers successfully hijacked a car while they were located 10 miles from the car. In a short video, the hackers explain how they did it and you also get to experience what it feels like to have someone remotely take over your car.  Read More here


Chrysler issue update after hackers hack Jeep

“Vehicle software can require updates for improved security protection to reduce the potential risk of unauthorized and unlawful access to vehicle systems”

After possible hearing about the above article, Chrysler were quick to release an update for all model of the Jeep Cherokee. Releasing that the Jeep could be overtaken remotely by hackers, the company issued the software update. However the company has not directly acknowledged the hacking event in its press release but simply stating the above. Read more here

Microsoft Patch “Critical” Windows Bug

The vulnerability was found in the parts of Windows that let the software handle some types of fonts. If exploited, the bug would let attackers take over a target machine and run their own software on it.

Microsoft has had to issue a critical bug patch after security researchers found issues with how the operating system handled some types of fonts. The bug could potentially lead to hackers trying to take over a machine. The critical bug was releaed for Windows 7,8 and 8.1. Read More here



Bug in OpenSSH software worse than imagined

The crucial part is that if the attacker requests 10000 keyboard-interactive devices openssh will gracefully execute the request and will be inside a loop to accept passwords until the specified devices are exceeded.”

A security researcher that goes by monkier KingCope revealed how the OpenSSH vulnerability could allow hackers to attempt to try a persons password 10000 where usually it limits it to six times. Open SSH is a a suite of programmes in the OpenBSD operating system that offers an alternative to unencrypted network communication protocols like FTP. Read More here



The Competition for a Automated Bug Hunter Gathers Pace

There’s never been an automated capture-the-flag game, and there’s never been a capture-the-flag game anywhere near this big

DARPA project manager Mike Walker reveals that the competition by DARPA to find a automated bug hunting programme has gained momentum with the announcement that from 100 entries just seven teams have made it to battle it out in the final at Defcon 2016 to battle it out for a $2 million grand prize. Each of the seven teams will be provided with free supercomputer time and a full year to refine their methods before being pitted against each other. Read More here



Windows 10 Release Day…Patch

Releasing this patch hot on the heels of the OS itself makes it even less likely that any large scale bugs will affect the OS in its early days

The major tech news this week was the release of Windows 10. The new Operating System has been well received, partly in thanks to the long Insider Programme which allowed beta users to offer feedback for the development of Windows 10. However there still were a few issues just days before it’s scheduled release with the announcement of a 1GB patch for bugs in the OS which was released along side the new software.  Read More here.



Windows 10 Again

Feature-wise, Windows 10 is the new Windows 7. It’s robust, pleasant to use and free.”

Speaking of Windows 10, if you’re wondering if it is worth switching over to the the OS, here is a comprehensive review on the system. Read More here.



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