Quotes of The Week: 20th – 26th September 2015

Welcome to this week’s Quotes of the Week, this week it’s all about Volkswagen software issues this week. Meanwhile Apple address issues in its new iOS.


How Volkswagon Got Caught

VW was able to hide its fraudulent settings by programming its vehicles to detect when they entered what’s known as “test mode.”

A report by Joel Hruska explains how Volkswagon attempted to hide the fact that it’s diesel cars were emitting more nitrogen oxide (NOx) than the company said the car was and what tests by the authorities in the U.S.  Read More here


How Car Software Can Rig a Test

It can then figure out when to trap pollutants, or divert them through processes that can convert them into less-harmful substances to meet legal limits

Greg Schroeder, assistant director at the Center for Automotive Research explains how the software in a car can alter to change the readings that it makes. Read More here


Apple Updates IoS 9

There are no exciting new features here, but the performance enhancements mean the operating system might run smoother on your iPhone or iPad.

Apple has released iOS 9.0.1 to iron out some bugs since the latest release of it’s iOS.  There was a number of bug issues that the update addresses including setup wizard, alarms and videos pausing. Read More here


How to Crash Chrome

“It’s all to do with how computers parse binary files. The %30%30 at the end of the URL gets converted into a NULL character, which somewhere down the line throws a bug and crashes the browser.

An exploration of how a mix of characters typed into the address bar in Google’s Chrome can crash the internet browser. Read More here


Free Tool Offers to Help Web Companies with User Bug Reports

The new normal, which is long overdue, is for every organization on the Internet to accept the fact that eventually someone will report a vulnerability to them, and be prepared with an easy way for security researchers to contact them

Katie Moussouris, chief policy officer at HackerOne explains why the company released a free tool to manage bug reports from users. The vulnerability response programmes will make it easier for users to report issues with various companies sites and software. Read More here

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