Huddle Reporter at EuroSTAR: The Winners

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So we have come to the final decision. Below are the selected Reporters for the EuroSTAR Conference 2016.

Huddle Cmmunity Reporter

So the names of those that will be joining us is Stockholm are:


Simina Rendler & Magnus Pettersson & Nick Shaw


BLOGGER –  Simina RendlerImage result for Simina Rendler

Simina impressive application got her the role at EuroSTAR. She has attended prestigious software events including the World Mobile Congress and reported from them.

Simina Rendler has been working as a tester since 2009. She switched from the standard testing school to the context driven one by joining Altom team two years ago. She has been an active advocate to interaction with peers for sharing lessons learned and experiences since 2013, when she joined the testing community Tabăra de Testare (that would be Testing Camp in English), first in Iași and later in Cluj Napoca, România.

What can I expect from Simina?

Simina will be our your eyes and ears at the conference. She will be writing daily blog posts about the daily events including highlights and previews of the next days’s activities. To keep up to date stay tuned to the Huddle Blog for the latest on everything EuroSTAR.


BLOGGER (FORUM) –  Magnus PetterssonProfile picture of Magnus

Magnus wrote a great entry on how sharing his experience with the community is important to him.

Magnus has been working in testing for almost 9 years, and this is his third EuroStar. Working mostly as a solo tester he has developed the testing processes for the two companies he has been testing for. Magnus has several interests where games and martial arts take the most time.

What can I expect from Magnus?

Magnus will be running a constant live feed throughout the conference.  He will be the Huddle’s community correspondent for the duration of the event with updates on all the presentations, workshops and other events happening at EuroSTAR this year.  This thread will be launched over the coming weeks on the Huddle Forum so stay tuned there.


Profile picture of NicholasVIDEO BLOGGER – Nicholas Shaw

Nicholas (or ‘Nick’ as he prefers to be called) has been in software testing for few years. the software testing game but has shown a strong flair for learning. We hope that EuroSTAR 2016 will help Nick in his testing career.

What can I expect from Nick?

Nick will be our onsite video reporter. He will conduct numerous interviews with delegates and speakers throughout the week in order to get a feel for how the conference is going for them. Videos will be published daily on the Huddle blog where he will reflect on everything he learned each day at the event.

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