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    When do you find time to learn and read about testing?

    – Examples: during breaks, during commutes, during lunch?


    How do you find time to learn and read about testing?

    – Do you move other things a side, do you never have time?


    What things do you read and listen to?

    – Examples: Blog posts, PDF newspapers, real magazines, email news letters,…



    Personally I mostly read things, on a screen (laptop, tablet for longer items) (tweets on mobile). I find time all the time during the day, 5 minutes before a meeting, 10 minutes in the morning, during idle time and when waiting for things to brew, finish and compile. .. I do a lot of document writing¬†during which I take breaks every 45 minutes or so, with a 10 minutes break to “wonder off”. I sign up (tentatively) for webinars, sometimes I can make room for it. .. Listen and watches while being on my work mail, and perhaps have an eye on twitter.

    I have it as a part of my personality to what to learn new things, ponder and see the long term view. We must never be so busy that we have no room to think or to innovate. To me it’s more a matter of taking the time rather than finding the time.

    Usually reading about testing is just my way of reading the sports pages, the news and gossip pages during breaks.


    I like to read. Whenever I need a short break from my work, I read on my laptop. But I do not read as much about testing as I read about management skills, soft skills or about new technology.

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