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    Hi All,

    I’m a beginner in terms of performance & load testing so I need some experts opinion regarding what particular testing tool would be the best to easily and reliably perform below mentioned test cases 🙂


    My team will test web app and I was assigned to choose a tool to do this:


    Precondition: 300 users logged in at the same time

    – check if the response time of each site is within 3s.

    – check if the reports (after clicking “PROCESS”) are generated within 30s.

    So the tool will have to log in 300 virtual users and be able to click on each link/tile available on the system to check how long each site is being loaded. Additionally try to generate reports by selecting predefined criteria, clicking PROCESS and measure the time of obtaining results.


    Could you recommend any suitable tool for the above? Any good tutorial for this tool?


    you can use JMeter for start and have a look at this link which provides a list of open source performance testing tools.


    Here are some of the major Performance testing tools that support protocols supported by IoT application which you can use to evaluate the performance of any IOT based application:

    LoadRunner – Supports MQTT & CoAP protocols
    Apache JMeter – Supports MQTT & CoAP protocols
    Locust – Supports MQTT protocol
    Neoload – Supports MQTT protocol
    Nowadays, many are investing their time on the trending topics such as IOT, AI, VR, etc and getting the expertise to provide QA services to their customers and expanding their business.


    Well, JMeter is designed for this…


    Hi Jausuz,

    Apache JMeter tool will be the best suit for you as per the requirement. Furthermore, being a testing expert I would always prefer and recommend using licensed performance testing tools. Here is the link to why we should go with licensed tools.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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