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    This question I found somewhere on internet and it got me thinking – what would you say?


    Im sure every QA member would know that their are millions of courses that are out in the market for being a certified testers, what matters the most is to have implemented knowledge on the way testing is performed. ISTQB- FL , AL , Agile and the list goes on. You can become a certified tester, but the quality that you should develop is to be someone with implemented knowledge of those certification.


    The best certification to earn for software testing is:

    ISTQB :

    ISTQB is aimed at helping Software Testers to be more productive and effective in their jobs, through the certification of skills. ISTQB is broadly divided into 3 levels of certification – The Foundation level, the Advanced level and the Expert level. ISTQB is an across the world recognized and the quickest one to grow in popularity in today’s times. The questions in the ISTQB certification exam are said to be tricky rather than difficult. Understanding the questions is the key here.

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