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    Recently I attended one of Dan Billing’s (a.k.a. The Test Doctor) interesting workshop on web application security testing, in which I got to explore potential security threats and vulnerabilities of a web application. As I found it useful I am sharing it here for those who are interested in security testing and looking for an application to play with.

    The application is called Juice-Shop, created for demonstrating various security vulnerabilities. It has different levels of challenges to crack. Please follow the setup guidelines from this repository link to start with.

    If you have any questions, I am more happy to help ­čÖé


    @darwin Thanks for sharing such an interactive and informative post.


    @tassaweramin, glad to hear that it is interactive and informative for you.

    Setting up the application ‘Juice-Shop’ is really easy.

    > Create an account in Heroku

    > Click ‘Deploy to Heroku’ button from readme file

    > Follow the options until the app is launched

    > Happy Hacking!


    The people who made OWASP Juice Shop published a book to help others, which acts as a good reference and a complete walk-through can be found here

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