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    We implemented a new testing approach for Java Swing. Now we want to create an open source tool to foster a widespread adoption of this new testing paradigm.

    rediff compares files and documents semantically. Your XML now has a different order? Your JavaScript is in one line? Your PDF has chapters switched? No problem, rediff will handle that.

    Semantic understanding makes it easy to ignore volatile changes. Your build number, date, id or path changed and will continue to do so? No problem, ignore elements, attributes or whole parts of files with a single click. And persist that information for the next round of comparison.

    And on top of that, rediff can group similar changes and handle them together. A small and simple modification can result in many changes. Renaming a class in HTML, a document chapter in PDF, a reference in JavaScript, or an element name in XML in a large enough file can easily result in hundreds of changes. rediff makes it easy to filter out the unimportant changes and group the relevant ones to cut through the fog.

    We have a Kickstarter campaign, that allows you to fund us. Back us to vote which technology gets implemented next. Or get an unbeatable price for premium. Or simply be the cool guy who can claim: I backed them in 2017.

    Any support is highly appreciated — give us feedback, back us or spread the word. Thank you!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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